{I was not blessed with magnificent writing skills, or a knack for anything extraordinary. I simply raise my boys,  love, live, work and laugh (a lot). This is pretty much me winging it, again. With hopefully not just another photography blog, but a personal place to add a bit of everything.

Hectic house, messy walls, unwashed “natural” hair and all.}

Hello! So, the paragraph above was my intro. It has been since I started this blog in August 2015, until today (17th May 2016)- it doesn’t really give much insight into who I am but i’m Tash! Aka Love Luella Photography. I started blogging from requests but have found that I love writing almost as much as I love documenting peoples lives.

I started Love Luella Photography as a hobby in 2013, which became my full time job in January 2014, I also run Instagramers Wales, Wales’ official Instagram community. I love being a Mam and I love photographing people, especially weddings.

Everything else about me you’ll eventually come across in these ramblings, but if you’re in a hurry to check my insanity, here’s the Life category. Thanks for stopping by.

T x

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