Emma Brooke- Counselling and Life Coaching

When Emma Brooke Life Coach and counsellor commissioned me to create some new website imagery for her business I was really excited. I love weddings and couples, that’s no revelation but it felt amazing to do something different and fresh which also in a way held meaning for me.

I chatted with Emma over two separate photography sessions because we wanted to work in land with an Earthy feel and incorporate the coast for her love of yoga too. Between us we decided Moel Famau and Llandudno west shore would be ideal and they were indeed perfect welsh landscapes for the brief.

I’ve completed commercial photography assignments in the past but this one was different. I liked that this was bespoke and personal. Emma was so honest and open about what she does, what struck me most was her passion for helping others through the various ways she’s studied and learned how. It was like watching myself talk about photography. You just know, she means every word.

While Life Coaching isn’t a ‘new’ thing to do it’s not the most common practice in this area at least. Many of us have been to counselling via the NHS at some point in our life. Albeit for grief, stress management, anxiety or otherwise.

To fully touch on the subject, I booked a session with Emma. In the short but direct session I established quite quickly some barriers and walls I have myself built over the last 2 years. Some in relation to business, some in relation to loss, some in relation to family and friends. I don’t necessarily think I need counselling at this point, but it really doesn’t harm to have an impartial balanced view on things that can seem so big, yet when pulled apart they are rooted to something so small.

Now that I have all the information, it’s not something I would rule out for myself in future. We all lead busy lives, it’s often overwhelming to even consider telling those close to you the depths of your worries and fears. Not wanting to bother people around you can play a huge part in escalation of the situation.

Many of us have some form of struggle. I am no stranger to depression and anxiety, sometimes as fantastic and indispensable the NHS is, the wait is too long for some. This is where I would absolutely recommend someone qualified like Emma to speak to.

Her service is personal, no two people are the same and there is no, ‘one shoe fits all’ approach. There is an obvious stigma attached, like it or not to be honest about attending counselling, to admit out loud that you feel you need help. There is no shame in it. I personally think that anyone brave enough to notice that they need assistance has already taken a huge leap in the right direction. I, for one didn’t actually realise that there were registered private counsellors in the area. I had it in my mind that it was something you get in London or LA etc. But people are everywhere, life is intense and there are accessible, affordable resources to help us while we wait for the NHS. Life coaching and counselling can be taken online or face to face, suiting people who have busy lifestyles.

Waiting for NHS counselling is a given, it’s worth it but the long wait clearly means one thing- that there is enough of us, people like you, people like me out there who need to talk, need to vent and need assistance.

I would definitely recommend looking into private if you fit this category, it’s as accessible as booking a hairdresser and should be seen as ‘normal’ thing to do.

Here are some of the images, for Emma Brooke Life Coach and Counsellor.


























Happy Sunday,

Tash x

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