{love luella} Bury St Edmunds E-Shoot

Well, I’ve been blogging less and less with this busy season; I now refer to Kai as, “Milo, Alice, you know, um, er, Kai” but I plan to blog more consistently and I Brownie Guide Promise you that I will post at least twice a month about..something (life, photography, my obsession with Idris Elba)….. I had a wedding yesterday, it’s the summer holidays and the boys have a friend sleeping over. (It’s Sunday night and it’s my first ever scheduled post, didn’t really think this through)

I have a couples shoot this week amongst the boys socialising schedules (they do more than me), a few meetings, an album design and another lovely wedding this weekend to come. I am very aware that we are now in the last fortnight of school holidays and when it’s up I will have an empty nest for the first time in many years…. so I plan on spending every moment I am not shooting or in meetings with my children. I can edit when they are in school but I cannot get the precious holidays back and luckily I have the best clients who don’t push for a thing and value the time I spend on post processing their imagery.

Now though, onto the good stuff, I had the pleasure of photographing Amy and Ben last month, a few days prior to shooting their AMAZING wedding. (Honestly -it was insanely awesome and SO emotional. Good things come to those who wait but if you check out www.loveluella.co.uk you may catch some sneak peeks)

This E-Shoot was our first ever meeting in person, they found & booked me through Instagram and after 9 months of texts and instant messaging and one unsure hug we got straight into it and they rocked it- if I do say so myself!

We went to a local park in Bury, St Edmunds and it’s definitely a town I will be visiting again soon. I stayed for four days and also fit in another couples session around this and the wedding that I can’t wait to share with you. So much goodness!!

For now though, enjoy these two and their special love.

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot P-6

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot P-11.jpg

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot P-24Bury St Edmunds E Shoot P-26Bury St Edmunds E Shoot P-51Bury St Edmunds E Shoot P-63Bury St Edmunds E Shoot P-74

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot-209

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot-199

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot-150

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot-195

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot-194

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot-72

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot-152

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot-188

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot-183

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot-97

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot-120

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot-163

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot-158

Bury St Edmunds E Shoot-203


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