North Wales Engagement Shoot | Rich & Britt {love luella}

I recently shot a lovely E-Shoot (or pre wedding shoot if you prefer), at Castell Dinas Brân, in the picturesque town of Llangollen. It’s the castle ruins I spent many years ‘near’ but ashamedly never actually visited. A popular North Wales tourism location with stunning views for miles around, I attended the high school Ysgol Dinas Brân yet I had never ventured all the way up.

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-10

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-28

Well…that all changed when Rich & Britt booked me for their North Wales Wedding and Engagement shoot, if only I had known just how far they would have me trekking. They decided to take the scening (aka LONG, STEEP) route, I of course being the ‘accommodating photographer’ went along with it- wearing skinny jeans, chelsea boots and long sleeve smock dress, all in black. It was THE INCORRECT ATTIRE for this occasion. It was unusually hot but I had been editing at home all day in the cool shade, I dressed for the previous days’ weather-school boy error. It  may have been raining the morning of the day yet our shoot was amazing. This, on top of my disaster of a hike outfit, carrying my equipment and Rich’s interest in photography found us chatting all the way up the walk about landscape and long exposure photography. I must have forgotten to breathe because once at the top, I found myself flat on my back at the top of Dinas Brân castle for a good 15 minutes. I was unable communicate and just lay there. If you can’t imagine how ridiculous I looked with Rich & Britt looking on with concern then trust me when I say it was not a pretty sight!

With zero prompting, Rich walked all the way back down, drove into town and walked back up with a bottle of water for me- by the time he had got back I was over my shock and bouncing with excitement at the scenery, I also had a great girly chat with Britt. I can’t thank you enough though Rich- hero of the day!

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-3

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-26

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-34Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-35

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-39

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-33

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-32

Being Llangollen locals, they frequent the castle walk often and even got engaged under the very Castle ruin archway that I photographed them under.

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-21

Rich & Britt get hitched in September and after this amazing session I literally cannot wait! Here are a few of my faves. I may even visit the castle again, the long way round and all (prepared) in the near future.

See you soon guys

Tash x

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-5

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-36

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-18

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-19

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-14

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-12

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-15

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-4


Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-24

Castell Dinas Bran-Britt & Rich-9

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