IGersWales Insta-meet Cardiff

Well, it happened! We held the first IGersWales insta-meet in Cardiff on July 1st! I must admit I was a little nervous on the drive down…but I needn’t have been. It was great!!
For those who aren’t aware here’s a little backstory- I run IGersWales which is Wales’ official Instagram community. People living in/or visiting Wales take a photo- Phone, DSLR, Film camera, Drone..as long as it’s appropriate content of Wales and hash-tagged accordingly, then I will see it. I endeavour to feature 4-7 days a week, re-posting an image for our network to admire, discover and appreciate.

In 2014, just as I was creating my own Wales hub, I applied to take over the existing IGersWales account. It had been stagnant/non running for 6+ months, had approx 250 ‘followers’ and had a couple of random selfies reposted on it.. no idea why, but it certainly didn’t represent the Wales I grew up in.

I knew what I wanted, an unbiased, diverse view of Wales, North, South, East, West (and mid too). A community where everyone has the chance to be featured based on image content alone not just photographic ability. A place where Instagram users could discover the next place to visit in Wales, places to take their family, places to go and photograph or just a their next Wales adventure..

When I took over IGersWales in June 2014, there were no other Wales Instagram communities aside from IGersCardiff. The lovely Cardiff based community. Being a ‘Northern Wales’ person I had a strong sense of something missing. Wales as we all know is not just our beautiful capital, Cardiff. Wales is so much more and let’s be honest- It is hands down one of the most stunning countries in the world.

Here are just a few of the amazing images from the #igerswales tag:

Today, IGersWales has a loyal engaged following of over 6000. It has paved the way for many more Wales based Instagram accounts which have now followed suit. In my opinion it’s not competition, it’s a positive. It means my work on IGersWales inspired others to do the same. That’s amazing and it means more people across the world will see and discover the amazing place I get to call home.


IGersWales work alongside our sister hub IGersCymru the Welsh language equivalent. IGersCymru is run by Steff John, who I have mentioned several times before. Steff is a super talented Carmarthenshire local and we keep in touch and check in often to ensure our content is diverse and fresh.

Since we began, the #igerswales tag has been used over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND times- I cannot put into words how bloody fantastic that is!!

Screenshot 2016-07-17 12.58.54

Which leads me to now, a big refreshment to IGersWales,  we started under the IGers community and are proud to do so. It has been great ‘virtually’ meeting some of the network users for other countries and meeting other UK based communities like @MikePea84 and @Chris3d from @IGersCardiff and @Danepollard from @IGersMCR. I have worked hard to make IGersWales what it is today, with each prize and every post created and sourced by myself and kindly donated, nothing automated.

Just a personal, Welsh,  discovery and adventure page.

I am currently working alongside a Wales based web designer to create a website solely for IGersWales. It will keep the community up to date with what’s going on in the Wales/Cymru communities: Info such as-when the next insta-meet is, the latest featured photo and more will be to hand with the click of a button. It will also give me an online space to  continue my work alongside businesses. I can’t wait to showcase what a vast amount of creative talent we have in our community. I already have a list the size of my arm and this may even expand to other exciting ideas I have up my sleeve. The Instagram page will remain the same for those who prefer the anonymity of Instagram and want to follow Wales’ images, as the age old saying goes, if it ain’t broke..

If any individual or business would like to work with us more closely or collaborate with us please get in touch via our email below.

Moving on to our first Insta-Meet; It began in the independent roastery Uncommon Ground situated in Royal Arcade, Cardiff. That’s where I met and talked to some of the community and got to know the faces behind the IG handles a little more. (Blog post of this to follow)

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-6

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-2

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-3

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-5

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-9

After a coffee and a catch up we moved onto a short photo-walk. We also went onto  The Castle Arcade

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-22

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-24

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-30

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-33

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-31

We stopped off for some Science Cream. (Which as an ice-cream lover I was SUPER impressed with)

We then walked through the city centre admiring Cardiff Castle and onto Bute Park, via the Pettigrew Tea Rooms ending with a walk across the river over Millennium Bridge. The walk was kindly routed from  www.cardifframblers.org.uk by IGersWales community member and blogger Explorewithed who I am looking forward to meeting again in future.

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-85

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-91

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-87

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-88

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-123

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-97

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-120

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-103

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-127

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-101

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-137

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-128

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-130

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-129

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-106

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-113

At the end of the walk we gave away 2 family tickets and 2 pairs of tickets to the National Botanic Garden Of Wales which were kindly and gratefully donated to us. We look forward to seeing the images you take over the summer holidays with them!

For Steff and I the first trial insta-meet taught us many things and gave us many ideas for the next ones, although we will always continue with intimate socials such as this, we have exciting plans ahead. Commitment to the community for me is at 110%, I travelled a total of 510 miles to organise and attend this social and every single one was worth it!

If you would like to attend our IGersWales North Wales insta-meet in August, please email me via Igerswales@outlook.com.

We expect this to be a small social photo-walk in either Llangollen or Llandudno, to vote on which location please see the IGersWales post here and comment your choice. If you haven’t been a part of IGersWales so far-you are more than welcome to come along. Our routes and socials are best suited to adults however should you wish to bring a younger person ages 7+ should be accompanied by an adult at all times.

I am super excited for the future of IGersWales and so blessed to be a small part of a beautiful, supportive community. Keep scrolling for links to the attendees and a selection of the attendees images, in no particular order- which will feature in full on the new site along with some feedback from them. Unless directly specified, images above by @loveluella

With thanks to:

Tash @loveluella  @igerswales


Mail: igerswales@outlook.com

igerswales cardiff insta-meet-110







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