{love luella} Uncle Jack Watches

When Uncle Jack Watches UK contacted me to offer me a watch it was divine intervention, I had been looking for the perfect watch for a couple of months (i’m fussy with watches, bags & Purses)

I knew what I had in mind, camel, tan or mustard colour strap, white face and more importantly silver tones (all I could find was Gold and that simply wouldn’t go with my silver and white gold rings!!)

It sounds pretty simple but it took me forever and once I received the watch I was over the moon- everything about the watch was what I wanted. Classic, great design and comfortable.



Uncle Jack watches are the first unisex watch company, so every design is at your fingertips.

I’ve had the watch for 3 weeks now, i’ve received so many compliments on it and the style I chose- really does go with everything.

I would honestly recommend this brand to anyone.

A bit about the brand:

Uncle Jack, one of the fastest growing watch brands.
The unisex watch company born in Melbourne, Australia, is changing the game with its fresh, modern & unique watches. 
Uncle Jack is creating innovative watches that have not been seen or done elsewhere.
The company prides itself on being on the front-foot in creating modern, desirable & accessible watches.
From humble beginnings dispatching orders from a spare bedroom, Uncle Jack grew quickly. 
The brand now has offices in Melbourne & London and ships all over the world.
We hope that you will join us on this journey. 
This is the story of Uncle Jack.

“We are raised in alleyways of Melbourne inhaling the lifestyle everyday,
and we bring that essence to the world.
We have the desire to always be fresh.
We get excited by the culture, the coffee and the dreamers.
We’ve got our heads in the cloud & our feet on the ground.

This is the story of Uncle Jack.”


For your chance to win a Tan/Black unisex watch with leather strap head over to @igerswales where I will be running a giveaway until Saturday!
Image Source @SteffJohn
If you can’t wait until then head to the website & sign up which will give you £6 off your first watch!! 
T xx
As with all reviews this is just my personal opinion and Love Luella Photography is not affiliated with Uncle Jack.

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