{love luella} Ana & Deri

For those who haven’t been present for my entire photography journey, I have photographed Ana since she was a bump, my first EVER shoot, back in May 2013 when Love Luella was a hobby.


I continued to photograph Ana and her family at regular intervals. These images are just a snippet of our Watch Me Grow* journey. I feel like my photography has grown along with them!



Now, I get to do it all over again with her little brother Deri. I started a few months ago with a maternity lifestyle shoot with Ana, El and bump.


I got to meet Deri a little later than usual, normally I would photograph newborns within the first 10-14 days but Deri had a cold and we wanted him to be comfortable. Let me tell you; he was worth the wait and more, the spitting image of his sister and the most intense gorgeous stare! Ana has taken to her big sister role like a duck to water and being with them a few weeks ago was a real treat.

Knowing that I will get to spend the next year photographing these two beautiful children, three years after photographing them for the first time-it fills my heart with pride, I am so honoured. To call it a job with this family is just not true. It’s always a pleasure.

In terms of Watch Me Grow photography I have been getting back to where I feel most comfortable, lifestyle, documentary, natural and relaxed. Simply observing and photographing (and maybe a little playing) with families.

Here is a mini summary of my journey with Deri so far; I am so excited for the rest.

Tash xx





*Watch Me Grow packages are available over 3, 4 and 5 sessions for babies & children. For more information please message me.

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