{life} Lucy

When Alice my dog was stolen last year there were several key people that helped and guided me through her eventual return. They were quite literally a Godsend; giving up all their time to help me, calming me, keeping me focused. One of these special ladies is Carol.

Carol runs Jayde Dog Grooming in Ellesmere Port and has helped many others like me, assisting in reuniting people with their pets and also helping any injured animal that comes her way- which is unfortunately a large number. She is so caring, compassionate and selfless in her efforts to help those that need it and I, along with so many others am thankful for people like her.

Carol got Lucy, a whippet, 11 years ago as a pup, she was intended to be a show dog but one of her ears stuck up! For eleven years Lucy was Carol’s shadow, going with her to work everyday and fostering countless abused and unwanted puppies and kittens. Lucy helped them to trust again with her patient, gentle and mothering nature until they were ready to be re-homed. Carol describes Lucy as the best mentor or babysitter any animal could wish for.

When I heard that Carol had to say goodbye to Lucy, I knew I had to try to help in any way I could. The news reached me Tuesday afternoon and the vet was due to arrive after 6pm that day. I immediately moved around my schedule- luckily I have the best most understanding clients. So between meetings & shoots I travelled over to Ellesmere Port and met Lucy.

It was unplanned and took place in the grooming room. Carol was distraught. Lucy couldn’t get up or walk to greet me but she sure did say hello in her own way. I am honoured that I got to meet such a special soul.




Carol would like to thank everyone who has helped her through this time, all her patient clients and especially Cambridge Road Vets.

I’d like to thank you for everything Carol.

Tash x



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