{love luella} Polly

I’ve known Kim for years, she was best friends with one of my ‘little’ sisters growing up and I then went on to work with her Mam Sian in my teenage years. She made the long shifts go quicker with her humour and stories!

It was lovely to catch up with Kim after so long; One of the presents Kim received at her baby shower was a Love Luella Portrait voucher (great gift in my humble opinion ha!) Lots had changed since the one person concerts I’m pretty sure I enforced onto Kim & my sister. (The entire Spice Girls album with dance routines and horrible, horrible singing, sorry.)

I met up with Kim, her partner Sam and Polly last month. Scheduling clashes meant 10 months had passed since Polly’s arrival and I spent a lot of the time playing instead of photographing! Polly is such a character and so close to walking already! They make the most adorable family unit and it was a pleasure to spend time with you all.


Kim: ‘So, I was given a voucher for a photo shoot with Tash at my baby shower, it was the best gift I have received and we are over the moon with the images. Whilst at the shoot Tash made me and my partner feel so at ease (my partner isn’t one for having his photo taken at all) we just played and chatted and Tash snapped away.’

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon!

T xx

Mini antler crown: Aurora Fawn

Aurora Fawn Shop

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