{love luella & life} Aurora Fawn

I’m not sure why it started but I had a large collection of fairy figurines for a time in the young(er) years.

I was always obsessed with the ethereal style, look, elegance.

Flower crowns & ancient greek inspired dresses are to me what Princess Elsa and Anna dress up is to every 5-10 year old little girl right now, I’ve never stopped loving it. I don’t think it’s school run appropriate; Although I might try that one day.

My collection of flower crowns, headbands and accessories started about 5 years ago, way before Love Luella. So incorporating them into shoots for me was a natural step.

I first met Holly through Instagram, she followed me from her personal account. Regularly commenting and praising my style of work. We got talking, generally.
This in turn spurred me to look into what Holly did, I was immediately drawn to her line of work. Hand crafting crowns and headwear in the most perfect style for me.

Ethereal, whimsical, bespoke headwear.


©Aurora Fawn


©Aurora Fawn


©Aurora Fawn

I messaged her @Aurorafawn Instagram the same day and asked if she’d like to collaborate. It went from there and we’ve since collaborated a couple of times since.
The more we worked together and the more we talked, it quickly became apparent that we shared many values, had similar perspectives and lots of the same interests.

Based in Bristol where lots of my dads family are based we finally met up face to face in November.

The weather was HORRENDOUS I cannot exaggerate- it was terrible. Wind like nothing I’d experienced, I’m not easily moved and I was all over the place, heavy rain and bitterly, bitterly cold. So what do we do? We go for a mini session to Clifton..


A few words from the lady herself:

‘Life has a funny way of throwing things in your path when you need it most.

What started as a mutual business collaboration quickly became a friendship connection and a much needed support.

Our creative drive had us up working late most nights, sharing ideas and talking until stupid o’clock. We realised how alike we were; similar strengths and similar weaknesses.’ (I’m going to interject here and rephrase this as ‘quirks’!)

‘Her drive inspired me and she’s taken some of the most successful images for my business.

When my confidence was waning, Tash was there to lift me up, with her brutal honesty and listening ear. It was as if we had known each other in a previous life; the Thelma to my Louise’


{Love Luella || Aurora Fawn}






Hand crafted crowns and accessories with heart put into them. I have watched Holly’s talent develop and flourish. What was once an Etsy shop selling bespoke infant headwear quickly escalated into bespoke festival and party wear. Aurora Fawn is now worn across the globe with many custom orders sent to Europe and America.

I look forward to our future collaborations and a long lasting friendship. (Don’t tell anyone though)

T xx


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