{life} Perfect Stranger 

Last year I came across something on Instagram. During my night owl trawls of social media I saw strangers swapping boxes with people they’d never met.
Having had a couple of amazing pen pals in my younger years this really caught my attention.
The basic concept for those who aren’t aware is; you write a bit about yourself on the Perfect Strangers swap site. It’s completely private and you can change it in the run up to the swap deadline.
I never do- I always write what I think at that exact moment, heart on sleeve and let it go, much like everything else I do.
Once the deadline has passed the profiles are matched with people who are in theory meant to have the same interests as you or something about them that makes them your perfect stranger.
This is my third time taking part in the project and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each one.
My first ‘stranger ‘ stuck to the rules and made no attempt at contact, the boxes were both our first and it was sweet.
The second swap was a bit more open, we emailed back and forth and I ended up commissioning her to design my current logo.
This swap was completely different again. Alice was chatty, energetic, enthusiastic and we began finding out more about each other.

By the time I sent the parcel out, Alice was no longer a stranger at all.
Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph what I sent in my package (lets blame Christmas); if Alice sends me pictures of the items I’ll update this post. But, for now the vendors & Facebook page images are my resources.

I included:

  • A locally hand made hanging heart decoration
  • A hand painted ceramic bauble for her Christmas tree that was stamped Alice.
  • A note book to write down all the positive things that happen in 2016, big or small.
  • An ASOS silver ring with oxblood coloured detail
  • Maybelline tinted lip salve as Alice informed me she never wore lipstick. So a tinted lip salve seemed a logical first step.
  • A little bath pack, consisting of a face mask, bath fizzers and bomb cosmetics hand made soap and other toiletries
  • Two locally hand made hair clips made from buttons
  • A jute hand decorated lunch bag

I received my box shortly before Christmas, hence why I am so late blogging it, (let’s blame Christmas again). I just had too many Santa duties to fulfil! The box was immaculately presented and went a little bit like this:



Packages 0-8 included; coffee, seeds, chocolate coins for all three men in my life, a disposable rain cover, a camera stamp (that I love), a toy for Walter & Pedro my two cats, a mini illustrated read, a toy for Alice and Trek bars.

Photo 04-01-2016, 12 35 40

Package 9 was this notebook which i’ll be sure to use.

10 and 11 were a lego mould and some amazing Candy Kitten sweets, one item I will definitely be purchasing again!

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend keeping an eye out for the next     #PerfectStrangers swap campaign. You never know who and what it will bring into your life.

Happy New Year!

Tash x

Where to buy some of the items I added:

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