{love luella} Bella Bear

“Do I blog about this or do I just post a snippet on Facebook as I normally do?”

Thoughts that I have been asking myself every shoot (and sometimes clients for their preference). Being new to this, I often find myself second and third guessing everything I do. I can’t blog every session, I find it a struggle to find the time to brush my afro at the moment before I have even got the brush out. Plus, due to a technical glitch I am approximately 1 week behind editing schedule and I hate being behind! Apologies to anyone reading this who is waiting patiently for their gallery- I am on it! For now, sporadic blabbering, known as blogging is suiting me just fine.

This session, I knew I was blogging from the moment I arrived.

I met Steph at Sarah’s wedding, which I photographed in May. (Sarah’s blog post), all three of Sarah’s bridesmaids were exceptionally lovely ladies- like really nice, I am not just sucking up. Steph immediately struck me as approachable and better yet- funny, she was and probably still is unaware that on the day she became my “go to” bridesmaid.

She casually mentioned that day at some point in conversation that her partner Frazer “doesn’t like photos and he won’t smile” I took that as a personal challenge and I think this qualifies as a mini win.

Steph contacted me shortly after Sarah’s wedding photos were published and booked in for an Autumn session around Bella’s 1st birthday. At some point Steph changed her mind and decided to have a “cake smash”, Bella changed her mind and we ended up with mostly an autumnal session! The birthday girl should always get what she wants.

Bella hasn’t had the easiest of first years, she was born with an imperforate anus and has two abdominal stomas. At just hours old little Bella had to undergo major surgery to create a loop ileostomy. She now dances away with her ostomy bag firmly in place. Bella will need this bag until she’s old enough to reverse the operation which will mean another massive surgery. But that surgery will mean a more carefree life for the most carefree little lady.

Unless I had witnessed the bag during costume changes and talked to Steph about it pre shoot- I would never have known. Bella will greet anyone with a smile, she will dance for you and with you. She will let you hug her for a few seconds before she has to leave to dance some more. She adores Trixie her Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Trixie loves her right back.

Frazer, who I was slightly nervous about getting in front of the camera (me over thinking things and wondering if the wedding photograph was a fluke) that he may not smile..was….fine!! Better than fine, I think he took posing classes on the sly! We had an interesting in depth discussion about our mutual experiences and variations of OCD over a can of coke. As you do.

Both Steph and Frazer dote on Bella; they light up when they look at her, they smile when they talk about her. I’ve said it before but it gives me the best feeling being privy to some amazing family moments. It makes me feel better about the world in general.

Bella is the happiest one year old I have met, nothing fazes her. We went for a walk out to the park & I had purchased a bear hat the week before on the off chance that Steph might go for it. Not only did she go for it, she asked if I knew they called Bella, “Bella Bear”- no I did not but yes I was super chuffed with that coincidence! Although Steph had decided on a cake smash I had allocated some time to take “a couple” of pictures outside just to mark the special birthday….That “couple” of pictures turned into a full on session of fun. Bella loved the camera, Trixie loved her dad (a little too much), Steph was excited and I was cheesing from ear to ear, loving my job. Bella was in her Bear hat, taking cute photos, smiling on point, the setting was lovely and the session was going well. Then I smelled something.. and I knew that smell. I had been kneeling in dog doo doo the entire time, moving in it, crawling through it. It had spread down one trouser leg and into the rim of my boot.

It was a happy moment for me.

The end of our outdoor mini session came shortly after, which is probably for the best as we would have just kept on shooting!

After I cleaned myself up and swapped my shoes (I have spare everything in the boot) we went for the cake smash. Bella had other ideas, after a couple of bites and a bit of foot in cake she gave up and made it clear she wasn’t feeling the cake theme. She didn’t cry or moan excessively, she just left to dance!!

I spent a fair bit of time just watching Bella play and chatting after the session, which is always nice to do.
I can firmly say that Bella is one confident, special little lady with some amazing dance moves.

Steph, it truly was a pleasure spending time with you four, I had a great morning and hope to see you all again soon.

Thanks for having me

Tash xx

One thought on “{love luella} Bella Bear

  1. Truly amazing couple who I know very well bella (queen b) is so bloody adorable and such a very happy little girl her smile lights my mood each time I see her 💗💗💗💗

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