{love luella} The Good Life Experience 2015

The Good Life Experience

I was lucky enough to attend The Good Life Experience for the second year running this year. Founded in 2014 by the Gladstone family, Steve Abbott and Cerys Matthews the festival is based on the great outdoors; music, culture, food, books, activities and more.

Children 9 and under go FREE (I said free!) and next year it will be raised to 12 and under, just another excuse for me to go again.

This years festival saw a 3 day event running on 18-19-20th September and it’s always set in Hawarden Estate Farm Shop grounds (huge). I was invited along with my little family due to my work with IGersWales (Instagram Wales). Although I did not attend all days due to the whole getting Alice home and being utterly exhausted (I hadn’t planned for that in my diary) we had a FANTASTIC time.

This time around we had another go at Archery, Katniss Everdeen I am not, although Kai is a pretty good shot! His concentration face is ace, bless him.

We tried our hand at axe throwing, we ate Indian “street food” while watching people take part in outdoor yoga, Kai printed his own T-shirt and we played limitlessly on the vintage fairground.

We helped make some environmental art with Tim Pugh which was really interesting and something that has been practiced in the garden since. As we waited in the line for archery we caught a snippet of a young local drama club “Big Stage Theatre School” acting various scenes from Alice In Wonderland and walking around the grounds, never breaking character (I did try). Throughout the day Kai also had a go at abseiling, rock climbing and learned about birds of prey. That’s not bad going for one day!

We met lovely people and I filmed the happiest congregation of strangers performing the conga together, my only regret is that I didn’t join in.

See that video here.

We have attended the festival both years and I have no intention of stopping, it is like stepping into a happier, dog loving, naturalistic, happy little world with happy people. It was a great end to a stormy two weeks for us and we are extremely grateful to have been invited along. Next year, although we live relatively close we plan to camp and enjoy every aspect of what this amazing festival has to offer and take Alice with us.

Kai who is more inclined towards technology: tablets, apps, coding and gaming over outdoor activities at the moment said to me on top of the hill while we sat eating our chicken & cajun chips, “this is my favourite place on Earth so far”

If it makes your children that happy, it’s got to be a good thing.

FYI: Next years Good Life Experience is 16-17-18 September 2016.

For a look at the day I spent there this year in full here are the photos.

Tash xx

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