{love luella} Henry’s Christening

I had the honour of photographing Henry’s Christening this month. Having done a lovely christening last year I felt prepared for the task in hand… It’s basically like a mini wedding; The whole family is there. ALL of them, even Aunt Joan who you never ever see or hear from unless there is a party (I have no Aunt Joan that was just a bad example)…everyone is dressed up, everyone is happy, there are promises made, lots of love is involved, there is cake, there is food, there are beverages. It’s a joyous occasion. Family photographs are called for and so, in my mind it will always be a mini wedding. Even though it’s not.
On the subject of weddings, Henry’s parents; Michael and Sarah, booked me for theirs earlier this year. They get married in March 2016, so it was extra special for me to be part of this amazing celebration ahead of that. It gave me an opportunity to meet the family and friends that I will be spending the day with next year. I certainly feel even more excited than I already did. The family was exceptionally welcoming and fun to be around, I didn’t want to leave!!

Henry’s Christening took place in Christ Church Prestatyn, the church has great light, space and colours. It was lovely to photograph.


The service was led by David Ash who has recently become the Vicar of Prestatyn. It was David’s first Christening at the Church and so it was a special occasion for all involved. David stood out to me as charismatic, warm and fun. I look forward to working alongside him next Spring.

Henry, the star of the day, wanted to eat the order of service slips, and so he did 🙂

Everything went smoothly until I’m sure from Henry’s point of view people randomly started wetting his face and head for no reason! (NOBODY would be happy with that!)

Despite a few inevitable tears, Henry was patient, curious and mesmerised by his candle. It was a lovely service.

Michael & Sarah are a pleasure to get to know; they have a beautiful family unit and dote on Henry who is one tremendously lucky boy. With five God mothers, two (very good time keeping) Godfathers and his amazing parents he’s sure to have a fantastic future ahead of him.

I am so privileged to observe what I do, to capture bonds and displays of affection, the different dynamics and different people. It will never get old; every moment passes so fast, yet by taking a photo you can preserve the memories and enjoy them with future generations. This is why I love photography.

And on that relatively short note, I would just like to say thank you to Michael, Sarah and their families for being such good sports and making my job that day so fun to do. See you all soon!

Tash xx

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