{love luella} Working Backwards || Sarah & Joe || Vale Country Club

So, considering my job is “photography” this blog is a pretty poor show on the photographic content front! To go backwards and blog about every shoot & wedding this summer would be impossible and I would end up not blogging about current and future work. Lots of my photographs are available to view on my business Facebook page, Instagram and website (if you are curious).

This wedding, at Vale Country Club was, for me a turning point. It was the point where I realised I could really do this, I am capable, I can talk to strangers and I can give people images they enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed every single one of my 2013 & 2014 weddings immensely. Clients gave me great feedback, invaluable experience and I spent time with couples I will treasure forever. I simply lacked that inner confidence (something I was good at hiding).

Sarah booked me for her wedding In January 2014 for May 2015. In January 2014 I wasn’t even sure I should take her booking, it was a big wedding (I had only done two at this point of booking, one of which was a friend and was I far more comfortable with children at that time), she knew what she wanted and she knew how she wanted it- as every bride should. I was for lack of a better phrase, very nervous at our first meeting. I needn’t have been; Sarah was open, lovely, laughed at my jokes (yay) and most of all trusting. She trusted that I could do it. If she didn’t she hid it well 😉

Read more on my start as Love Luella Photography here.. An interview style blog post by Mascara & Mud- a lovely local blogger where I explain a few things about how I started.

Sort of off topic-

I know for sure that I wouldn’t be Love Luella Photography today had I not fallen into a job at Customer Services in Tesco. It helped me in so many ways. At the time of being there I didn’t so much go to work grinning from ear to ear because I loved my job but I loved the people, I loved making people feel good about their day in a small timeframe. I loved the conversation with generations older than my own and hearing their stories. I slowly gained confidence (forced to use the tannoy regularly and dealing with complaints gave me no choice!)

Anyway- that is why I am blogging some images from this wedding, because on this day it clicked that every job I have ever had has led me to this point. I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Sarah & Joe’s exquisite wedding was vintage book themed and beautiful, almost everything was handmade by Sarah & her mother even down to the cake which featured 200 hand made flowers!

Sarah wore a La Sposa Tulle & Lace gown with an intricate lace jacket over a sweetheart neckline. Her flowers & bouquets were by the talented Maia Florist based in Ruthin, North Wales.

The friendship dynamics I watched and photographed that day were as poignant as the wedding itself. A truly special, fun day. A few of my personal highlights from Sarah & Joe’s wedding at Vale Country Club, Ruthin, North Wales.



For more of Sarah & Joe’s day please view my album Wedding Daze on Facebook.

Due to the time I spend with my couples and planning, the numbers of weddings I take on per year is limited; I strongly believe in giving each wedding my all, getting to know the Bride & Groom as friends and I personally process every image and hand design all my albums and photo-books.

Now amazingly I have weddings booked well into 2017 and I am grateful for each and every one. I am so lucky to be doing a job I love. All I feel now is excitement for the future and I can’t wait for my Winter weddings this year.

Use code BLOGSEPT10 for 10% off 2016/2017 new wedding bookings before 2nd October 2015.

Have a great weekend

Tash x

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