{life} Well..

Well, when I started “blogging” I had every intention to blog a few times a week. (joker)

“Like a diary” I said, “it’ll be easy” they said.

Well neither is true, I have no idea what sort of blog this will turn out to be and i’m not a blogger, but I know i’m going to keep doing it!!

This last couple of months have been testing for my family and I, there is serious illness in the family which takes precedent over everything else; however I also “ruined” three weeks of the summer holidays (by having pleurisy none the less.) and then just as things were settling down as much as they can when your family are suffering-my dog gets stolen.


I mean, who the hell steals a dog? What are you even thinking? Who do you think you are?

The day I got the call I was already emotional. I was in Bristol about to say my farewells to my Nanny Brown and had spent some quality time with my uncle the previous day…I was chilling getting ready to plaster my face with MAC cosmetics when my dad called…

I thought he was joking.

There was no way that

My Alice

had been



I turned to Kai who had already instinctively moved closer to me, he had a look of uncertainty and I just bawled. I bawled and shouted and shouted some more, then I shouted at my dad (it wasn’t his fault but it was a knee jerk reaction).

We left immediately. I couldn’t drive (I ALWAYS drive), everyone was silent, my head was spinning- who, where, what, times, witnesses, police, clothing, description, microchip, vets…I got out my two phones- I am a photographer I need two, one for work and one for..me.

With one phone I started on Facebook, selling sites, Facebook lost & found pages, my personal page, my business page, twitter…with the other I was googling and calling, local vets, pets 4 homes, dogs lost, pet log, my dad, the council, you name it I called it or messaged it or pestered it in some shape or form. I was absolutely focused for that 3 hours as a passenger with dodgy 3G coverage on doing everything I could to help Alice.

In-between outbursts of crying and hysteria and screaming, “she will think i’ve left her, she will think I don’t love her, I LOVE HER DYLAN, I LOVE HER” and so on, I managed to spread the word quite far.

By the time I got to the scene of the crime I had a Facebook Page, several contacts and streams and streams of messages; some from well wishers, some offering support, some to say I should have looked after my dog better, some to say they saw “something” .

What I did next was silly, but it allowed me to gain insight into how this situation could play out. For four nights I did not sleep, for four days I did not eat, for four days i drank lucozade orange. Four days I hounded the police, the witnesses, the page, the wardens, the kennels. I did not stop.

Dylan, along with my dad left me to it, I was a unapproachable, they looked after the children and attempted housework :/

Of course I looked after my children too, but I didn’t touch the housework.

Loooong story short….I woke up on Thursday and said to my husband, “I’m not coming home today without Alice” and I didn’t.

I know, it’s anti-climactic, how did I get her, who did I get her from- I completely understand the curiousity.

Maybe one day in years to come i’ll tell my close family and friends, maybe I won’t, but for now that day is shared with two very special ladies, one of which I hope to know forever. (cheddar, stilton, I know)


So now it seems I have a complete family again and an extra page to run.

On top of my own Facebook business page, this blog, my website, my personal Instagram, my business Instagram, my business twitter, IGersWales’ Instagram and IGer’s Wales twitter…somethings bound to go wrong!

Alice’s page has remained open for those who followed her story and want to see her grow, the followers decline every hour and to be honest I don’t blame them, not everyone wants to hear me talk like a giant baby to Alice most days. So go forth and pursue your dreams!

Seriously, I mean really seriously, a decent mother will protect her family with everything they have, in my case it includes my dog, my two cats and my fish Macky. So to all the thieves out there who are planning on ruining someones life- go and get a job or a hobby. Don’t be an idiot.

To the people who helped me stay focused, to the people who put up posters, to the people that shared, to the people who called me; you restored a little bit of my faith in humanity and I will be forever thankful to you all.

I’ve always been a cat person, but Alice had me at first hug.

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