{life} School is coming..

Today, I have some energy. That in itself is a victory for Sunday. I’m not a sickly person but I have had the nastiest Chest Infection since my 21st (+9) birthday on August 8th. 13 days indoors instead of playing with your children in the summer holidays and photographing was to me a form of torture. (Dramatic I know)

On the flip side, I have placed all my print orders, started a blog of sorts, kept up with IgersWales, binge watched Criminal Minds & The Walking Dead, lost 6lbs that I’ll find tonight and received my tickets to The Good Life Experience. (EXCITED)

The Good Life Experience

The boys, as usual have been fantastic. Aside from Milo’s daily strank they have been helpful and patient while Mammy gets better. With Kai bringing me regular “small drinks”- because I clearly can’t handle a big drink!

the boys

With 10 days left of school holidays I intend to make it up to them; Knowsley Safari Park, The Seaquarium Rhyl, Dragons Den Llangollen and maybe a sneaky cinema date for me and Kai too. Peppa Pig is in Llangollen on Saturday but I think I’d swing for her, I think she’s the reason I’ve gone off bacon.

I LOVE having my boys home.

Lets all say a prayer for a semi-dry Welsh week..

3 thoughts on “{life} School is coming..

  1. Loves reading this will be stalking your blogs to see what your getting up to, ha joking look forward to seeing what weird and wonderful things your doing 🙂 xxx

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